Ultra Strong Fenders

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Poly Marine Fender Systems

»  Ultra strong Fender Systems
»  Extremely Durable
»  High Buoyancy
»  Energy Absorbing Power
»  Collision Resistance

Poly Marine Fender Systems are the highest quality fender systems in the Industry.

Our fender systems are Ultra Strong, they are specially designed for Heavy Duty operations and therefore extremely durable. They have an unique high buoyancy ( up to 80% more) and very high energy absorbing power. The fender systems can by made in several colours. Our fenders are suitable for vessels such as Crew tenders, Pilot vessels, Wind farm support and Heavy Duty Workboats. We are also providing specials such as: Pontoons, Floating Mooring Buoys, Bollard- and Rope Protection Solutions.

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Collision resistance and highly durable

Poly Marine Fender Systems are the highest quality fenders in the industry

Poly Marine Fender Systems

Return on investment

See how you can save costs because of the durabilty of the fender systems

Multi coloured

Our marine fenders are not only ultra strong but also available in several colours

Up to 80% more bouyancy

The fender systems have an unique high bouyancy and enery absorbing power